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English Writing

It’s time to practice our writing skills!

Choose one of the topics below and write a text.
Write as much as you can. Use English all the time.

  • “A Place I like”
  • “Feelings”
  • “Friends”

How to get started, before writing:
1.) Read the instruction – and follow it!
2.) Make a writing plan, a list with your first thoughts and useful words and expressions.
Start writing:
3.) Introduction/Opening. Connect to your reader and the topic.
4.) Story/Body. Add “volyme” to your text. Make it “deeper” and “wider”. Tell more!
5.) Ending/Closing. Write your final part of the text. “Close it”, like a door.
After writing, how to improve and expand your text:
6.) Read your text. Make corrections and add missing text. There is always something more to express, a character, an incident, a surrounding etc.
7.) EXTRA. Circle 10 characteristic words in your text. Write a title at the top. Check your spelling.


Lotta Bohlin

Lärare: SV | EN
Klass: 6A, 6B, 6C

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