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English – Little Red Riding Hood



It’s time to read Little Red Riding Hood – and show your understanding. It’s a European fairy tale from the 16th century.

  • Read the text, quiet and aloud.
  • Translate the text orally (pratöversätta).
  • Show your understanding:
    Translate words.
    Answer questions.
    Play “In-other-words”.

How to make a word book: Kunskapshubben

Lesson plan, week 1:
– Introduction. I tell all my students about Lgr11, skills that we are working with, and how progress works – at school.
– We look at the book cover and discuss what we know about the story.
Step 1
– Then we read page 1, slowly. I read it aloud, and then we read together, sentence by sentence.
– Next step is “pratöversätta”. We “read” the text in Swedish.
– And then we write words in our word book, in English and Swedish.
Step 2a
– We read page 1 again, very slowly, and talk about pronunciation.
– Next step is “pratöversätta”, again.
Step 2b
– Students who feel confident do the same thing in pairs, walking in the corridor.
– Ready? Pick your own book and read.
Step 3
– Play the game “In-Other-Words” in small groups.
– Or do a “Picture-Talk!”.
Step 4
– A word test. Translate the words and put the words in a sentence.

This is a good way to teach the students about reading-skills. I start with a classic fairy tale. We read together, two pages a week. And we read and talk a lot together. Some students thinks that this is too easy. So they get their own book and read, while me and the rest of the group practice again. Good focus!

Lotta Bohlin

Lärare: SV | EN
Klass: 6A, 6B, 6C

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