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It’s time to practice our speaking skills. You will listen to 30 animals and how they sound. Can you remember them?
What words do we need to know to start a conversation about the animals and their surrounding? Start with the chart below, and add useful words.

Guess the animal sound game

Listen to 30 animal sounds. Can you guess what animal it is?
Guess the Animal Sound Game 1 | 30 Animal Sounds Quiz

Talk about “The Four” in pairs. Use your word chart.

- What do you see? Describe.
- How do the animals sound?
- What's the same?
- What's different?
- Where do you think this is? Why?
- What animal would you like to meet? And why?

Play “Who am I – an animal!”

- Pick an animal.
- Write a list with seven clues.
- Present your clues, one by one, and ask your friend to guess.
- How many clues did she/he need?

MÅL: Att kunna prata och samtala på engelska.
Vi lär känna 30 djur och hur de låter. Vi övar tillsammans på ord som kan vara bra att kunna för att kunna samtala om djuren och deras omgivningar, med hjälp av bilderna.


Guess the Animal Sound Game 2 | 30 Animal Sounds Quiz

Guess the Animal Sound Game Multiple Choice


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