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English – London Tour Guide

It’s time to get to know Great Britain and London and places of interest. Your goal is to become a London Tour Guide. A group of students will follow you around London (at our school) and stop at different places to hear more about London Eye, Big Ben and Hyde Park. 

  1. What do you know about the United Kingdom?
  2. What do you know about England?
  3. The London Map.
  4. A London Tour Guide.
  5. Big Ben.
  6. London Eye.
  7. Madame Tussauds.
  8. Hyde Park.
  9. Jack the Ripper.
  10. The London Tour. EXTRA: Make your own London Tour Guide-movie (green screen).

I spend 9-10 weeks to do this. 1-4 (3 weeks) 5-9 (5 weeks) 10 (1-2 weeks).
Get your own guide 
book to take notes on your students work!

START London Tour Guide

Now it’s time to become a London Tour Guide.

This song starts every lesson, two times a week.
INTRO SONG: “Big Ben is not a tower Big Ben is not a clock”

1. What do you know about the United Kingdom?

We will start by getting to know The United Kingdom.
Color The Union Jack and the Great Britain Map.
Google Earth. Languages. Countries. Oceans/Seas. Islands.
Youtube: UK Introcuction
Youtube: Get to know Britain

2. What do you know about England?

Let’s take a closer look at England.
The royal family. Currency. Language. Cities. Transportation. Music. Football.
Google Earth.
Youtube: A complete guide.
Visit Britain Visit Britain

3. The London Map.

Let’s take a closer look at London, and some classic sightseeing spots.
We will color our map and talk about places we have talked about.
All students use google to ad their own spots.
VisitBritain “Top 10 things to do

4. A London Tour Guide.

Say Hello to Lucy! A 22 year old women who works as a London Tour Guide. She lives in Tottenham with her family. (I dress up in a white shirt and a blue-red tie)

How to introduce yourself as a guide.
Read the text.
Make your own presentation.
A London Tour Operator: Fun London Tours


Print your badge: LTG_badge


5. Big Ben


VisitLondon “Big Ben”
Discovery UK “The Mechanical Genius of Big Ben
YT “What’s inside the Big Ben?
BBC “Big Ben chimes
Wikipedia: “Big Ben
How to draw “Big Ben” (easy)
How to draw “Big Ben” (difficult)
Peppa Pig goes to London

WORDS: clock tower, massive bell, weighs, four clock faces, illuminated, chimes, tall, steps, landmark, dial, high, the north end of, the hour hand, the minute hand,






6. London Eye

Visit London “London Eye
Londoneye.com “londoneye.com” (+ educational visits)
YT: “Walk with me Tim
YT: “How to draw London Eye” (easy)
YT: “How to draw London Eye” (difficult)
YT: “BF Minecraft
Wikipedia “London Eye
Visitlondon “360
YT “Miles around London” (Childrens book)

WORDS: ferris wheel, millennium wheel, capsules, passenger, tour, panoramic view, ticket, adult, child, open, close,


7. Hyde Park

Visit London “Hyde Park
YT “Visit Hyde Park
YT: “A short guide to Hyde Park
Royal Parks “Hyde Park
Wikipedia “Hyde Park
Wikipedia “Diana, Princess of Wales

Fun fact: “Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park“, now in “Gröna Lund, in Stockholm“.

WORDS: park, gate, corner, lake, animals, lawn, midnight, playground,

Students from Årstaskolan travel to London and BETT, January 2015. Here, rehearsing in Hyde Park.

8. Madame Tussauds


Visitlondon “Madame Tussauds
Web: “Madametussauds.com
YT: “Madame Tussauds London full tour” Walk with me Tim.
YT: “Madame Tussauds a Walkthrough
YT: “The making of Adele’s wax figure
YT: “Making the Lady Gaga wax figure
Wikipedia “Madame Tussauds

WORDS: museum, ticket, line, wax dolls, sculpture, lifelike figures, celebrities, sport stars, world leader, history,

9. Jack the Ripper

Visitlondon “Jack the Ripper Walking Tour
Museum “Jack the Ripper Museum
Jacktheripper.org “Jack the Ripper
YT: “Jack the Ripper – Draw My Life
YT: “Jack the Ripper by ESL Students
Wikipedia: “Jack the Ripper
YT: “How to Draw JtR Tattoo Style

YT: “The JTR Documentary

WORDS: murderer, victims, women, innocent, prostitutes, serial killer, unknown, 1888, kill, poor, area, letter, suspects, the ripper, corp, witness, hat, coat, assasin, anatomy,

10. TEST – The London Tour (speaking)

Get ready to do your own London Tour.
Practice how to introduce yourself as a guide, and pick three sightseeing spots from your guide book (our five).
Say hello to your group of tourists and start the tour.
Good Luck!


Lotta Bohlin

Lärare: SV | EN
Klass: 6A, 6B, 6C

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