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English – London Tour Guide

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It’s time to get to know London and places of interest. Your goal is to become a London Tour Guide. A group of students will follow you around London (at our school) and stop at different places to hear more about London e.g Eye, Big Ben and Hyde Park.

  1. Great Britain, England and London (map).
  2. London (movie).
  3. Tourist attractions in London.
  4. Say hello to Lucy.
  5. A guide work
  6. Big Ben.
  7. London Eye.
  8. Madame Tussauds.
  9. Hyde Park.
  10. Jack the Ripper.
  11. The Tour.

EXTRA: Make your own London Tour Guide-movie (green screen).

London Tour Guide

So, my students know that they are all going to become a London Tour Guide. They are going to present different places and facts, in front of their classmates, in English. Some of them are scared and some ar exited!

Step 1-5.

I start with Google Earth and we zoom at Great Britain. We talk a little bit about the history and some geography. We draw and color flags. And we listen to English music. We take a closer look at London and use all the features in Goggle Earth. I always make a list of words for each chapter: map, country, border, flag, sea, city, river…

We watch a movie from sli.se (mediecentral) called “London”. We take notes and discuss what we remember. I circle some famous tourist attractions and talk a little bit about them.

“Say hello to Lucy!”. I dress up as Lucy. She’s a 22 year old student living in Richmond with her family. She works part time as a London Tour Guide and has come here to teach my student.

Lucy teaches my students how to present yourself as a guide and how take your tourist around town. Everyone gets a text and they need to practice. “Hello and welcome to London. My name is…”.

Visit Britain is a useful website and Fun London Tours gives you a good idea about how fun it is to be a guide.

Step 6-10.

Lucy (me) teaches my students about five sightseeing spots in London. I pick them from the movie in step 1. We start with Big Ben. There are tons of videos on youtube and texts to read on websites. This song gives good energy: London rap song I write 10 words on the board. Everyone writes a text about Big Ben and they have to include the words. I print a word search sheet and send it home for homework. When each student has a text they need to practice reading it you loud.

I use the same idea with all the sightseeing spots.

Everly now and then I talk about transportation, food, football, currency, the Queen and other interesting places.

And, as soon as a student is ready with the current assignment (step 6-10) I ask her/him to start building “that sightseeing spot”. We print pictures, draw posters and do other crafts to make it feel like real.

Step 11.

Now it’s time to become a London Tour Guide. Everyone makes their own “name badge” to put on their jumper. All the paper work is set and done. A group of tourists (students) are waiting. Lets go!

Good Luck!


/Lotta Bohlin

Lotta Bohlin

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